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Syncline Systems
Building Relationships
Creating Value
Trillium Engineering
This is the payload development team to watch! If you need a high performance stabilized camera gimbal you should be talking to Trillium.  Rob Gilchrist, Jeff Fisher and Gail Dagan are the most experienced and technically competent payload developers in our industry.

Latitude Engineering
If you need Piccolo support, training or vehicle integration help, Latitude is your one stop shop. Jason Douglas and his team are some of the most experienced Piccolo users around. They are also very adept at airframe design and development, rapid prototyping, flight testing, and have developed a suite of accessories and Piccolo companion products for UAS developers. They recently released a version of Piccolo autopilot code that supports Hybrid Quadrotor operation. Hybrid Quadrotor technology offers a logistically simple solution to fixed wing Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL).

If you are looking for engines purpose built for unmanned aircraft, check out Power4Flight. The company is a joint venture between Currawong Engineering, Cobra-Aero, FivebyFive Development and Syncline Systems. They are developing complete powertrain solutions including core engines, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) systems, positive displacement fuel pumps, custom injectors, starter/generator systems and integrated power conditioning electronics.

Cloud Cap Technology
If you need a full featured and reliable autopilot system for your application the Piccolo is still the best value out there. They also make the TASE 400, which offers industry leading SWaP in a 7" ball.

Currawong Engineering
Currawong is the world leader in Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) systems for small unmanned vehicle engines. They offer a line of engine controllers, injectors, fuel pumps and other integrated accessories specifically desinged and packaged for unmanned applicaitons.

FivebyFive Development
This is the link to Bill Vaglienti's site. Bill is the best flight controls engineer in the UAS industry. He was the architect and main developer responsible for the Piccolo autopilot system.